Perhaps most of the most rewarding feelings for a surfer is create their own vessel with blood, sweat, tools and tears (no blood, hopefully no tears!) and then get it out onto the water and surf it. Whether you've never picked up a piece of sandpaper before or you're a budding crafts-person, we can provide the tools and knowledge to help you create your own unique surfboard. It would of course help if you knew a little theory behind the mechanics of a surfboard, but don't worry if you don't, you'll learn!

Whats invovled?

The workshop sessions will typically involve 5 to 7 sessions, depending on how fast you work/learn/want to progress. Each session will be approx 2-3 hours.

Although all of these procedures have been split into different sessions, it's completely up to you how fast you/we go. You could have it done in 3 sessions, or 6! I'll be on hand to give guidance and theory behind what we're doing, but you'll be doing most of the work.

Session 1

Introduction to the workshop, tools used, theory behind the surfboard and what kind of surfboard you'd like to shape. We'll probably draw and cut the outline out if we've time

Session 2

Once we've ensured the outline is good, we'll measure up the rocker and cut it in. This is usually the most time consuming part. We'll also ensure we have the right thickness in the right places for the kind of waves you want to surf.​

Session 3

We will cut out the rails and the bottom of the board, and smooth it all out. We can also talk about what kind of design you'd like to put on the board, and you can paint it up at this point.

Session 4

If you want to create the board from start to finish, we'll continue with the first cloth coat, bottom and deck. If we've time, we'll do a hot coat.

Session 5

Sand down the hot coat and put in the fin plugs, and polish


It must be stressed, and this is pretty important, that I'm not a professional shaper. I know what I'm doing, but perfect results are not guaranteed, unless you're a natural! The important thing is to have fun and learn the craft.

Tight for Time?

If you only have a few hours here and there to spare we can talk about what you want to make and we'll do the hard work for you. There are certain sections that are more fun than others (spray painting, for example) that we'll highlight for you to do. The overall process may work out cheaper for you too.

How Much?

The cost of shaping your board will vary with the board type. The longer it is, the more it's going to cost you. Additionally, a purely blank surfboard that hasn't been painted at all will be slightly cheaper than a painted one.

Below is a price guide for blank surfboard without fins:
Shortboard/summer board (5-7ft)                           €450 - €560
Minimal/Longboard (7-10ft)                                        €560 - €800

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