Unfortunately surfing involves using a board that is made of fibreglass and no matter how careful you are, dings do happen. While its hard to tell the extent of damage done until I see it, the below price guide will give you a rough idea of how much you'll be looking at for repairs. Send me a mail for a quote or call me to arrange a dropoff or have a chat about it.

TYPE OF REPAIR                                                                    STANDARD SURFBOARD                                                EPOXY SURFBOARD

1-4 Dings / De-lamination                                                                €35-65                                                                                     €40-75

5+ Dings / De-lamination                                                                    P.O.A                                                                                         P.O.A

FCS Plug Replacement / Twin Plug                                             €35/50                                                                                     €45/60

Snapped Nose                                                                                              €60                                                                                             €70

Snapped-in-2 Board                                                                               €100                                                                                           €130

Glassed-on-Fins                                                                                          €40                                                                                             €50
Leash Plug Replacement                                                                        €20                                                                                             €20

While I primarily repair surfboards, I can repair SUPs and Windsurf boards too. ​These boards are epoxy based, so the epoxy price guide applies.